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Incredible Edible Cheese

Cheese is made from milk. Different cheeses are made in different parts of the world, most popular being Europe. There is evidence that people have been making cheese from pre-historic times.

While there are hundreds of varieties of cheese, Mozzarella, Emmental and Gouda are three of the most popular cheeses in the world. Each of them belongs to a different region and is made differently.


Italian in origin, mozzarella cheese historically was made from the milk of water buffalos reared in Italy and Bulgaria. Most mozzarella cheese today is sourced from milk cows. Not aged like most cheeses, it is made by incubating the milk with thermophilic bacteria. Rennet is then added to create curds, which are collected and heated until they form elastic strings. Mozzarella can be consumed with salads, pizzas and different vegetable recipes.


Emmental cheese, popularly known as Swiss cheese is the most referred to in pop culture due to its distinctive look. Its gas holes give it a characteristic look and it usually has a hard texture. Originating from the central districts of Switzerland, unpasteurized cow’s milk is mixed with bacteria to create curds. The curds are then soaked in a solution of water and brine. The bacteria expand and release carbon dioxide, which creates the characteristic holes.


This Dutch cheese is one of the most popular ones from around the world. Named after a city in the Netherlands, Gouda is a semi-hard cheese that is full of flavor. Typically made from pasteurized cow’s milk, Gouda is also made using sheep or goat milk that has been aged for a long time.

Eaten on their own, spread on crackers, sprinkled on pasta, eaten with salads or with wine, cheese is a great tasting and nutritious food. It is packed with proteins. Since it also contains considerable amount of fat, it should be consumed moderately.

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