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Amita Vadlamudi is a Computer Programming Engineer with a specialty in IBM Mainframe computing. She possesses over three decades of working experience in Mainframe operating systems. Amita Vadlamudi also possesses about 10 years of experience with Sun/Oracle servers and a thorough working knowledge of Unix operating system Solaris as well as good knowledge of Linux. Ms. Vadlamudi is well versed in all aspects of maintaining IBM Mainframes as well as Sun/Oracle servers.


Amita Vadlamudi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She also kept up with technology by taking courses at a local community college. She acquired skills in personal computing, networking and web site building. In addition to having working knowledge of Assembler, Cobol and Pl1 languages, Ms. Vadlamudi took college courses in Java, Javascript, Pearl, Visual Basic and C. Through self-study as well as classroom training, she gained knowledge in such things as database administration, project management and computer security.


Ms. Vadlamudi also took training in career and social skills such as public speaking, leadership, listening and negotiating. She was a member of the Toastmasters International for a number of years. Toastmasters is a club that helps its members build their public speaking skills.


Amita Vadlamudi volunteers at her local library, shelving and sorting out books. She also helps out during book donation drives and book sales at the library. In her spare time Amita enjoys reading non-fiction books, watching CSPAN and PBS and listening to NPR.

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