Popularity of Peanuts


Amita Vadlamudi is a long time computer professional. In her spare time Amita Vadlamudi likes to read, research and write about various subjects including food and nutrition.

If the taste is not judged by the price, peanuts may be the best tasting nuts. Fortunately they are the least expensive nuts. And peanuts are ubiquitous, especially in the United States. Technically, peanuts are not nuts. They are in fact a kind of peas that grow underground. However, they feel and taste much like nuts and they are indeed treated as nuts.

Although a few people are allergic to peanuts, for most American children peanuts are the staple food. Without peanuts, there will be no peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter cookies, reeses peanut butter cups and snickers bars. Peanuts are more popular than chocolate. There are many other ways you can enjoy peanuts. Eat them raw. Steam, boil or roast them while they are in their pods. Peanuts stay fresh for many months without preservatives.

Peanut allergies could be fatal for some people, especially children and it should be taken seriously. Many schools do not serve peanuts in the school cafeteria. Some provide separate tables in the cafeteria for the kids with peanut allergies. Some schools do not allow peanut based foods to be brought at all into the school. Even if your own children are not allergic to peanuts, it is a very good idea to avoid serving peanut based foods when they have company. Always check with your guests or the little guests’ parents before you serve them any food that might come in contact with peanuts.

Amita Vadlamudi