The Colorful Fruits Peaches

The colorful Peaches

While spending most time working with computers Amita Vadlamudi finds it relaxing to read up on non-computer related subjects. Like Amita Vadlamudi, anyone could find that even an everyday subject such as peaches could be very interesting once they start reading up on it.

Peaches are widely popular fruit in the United States. Peaches are not only popular for their taste but also for their beautiful looks. Their distinct yellow, pinkish skin is the inspiration for the color named - peach. Along with their relatives nectarines, plums and apricots, peaches make a spectacular presentation on the supermarket fruit stands during summer months.

Unlike apples which are available throughout the year, peaches are generally available only during summer and fall seasons. However, peaches are used in as many varieties of ways as are apples. Peaches can be eaten raw. They can be frozen for later use. They can be dried and consumed as dry fruit. Many pastries, pies and cakes are made with peaches as the main ingredient. Peaches can be used to make jams and jellies. Even wine and brandy are made from peaches.

Peaches grow in about 30 states throughout the United States. Although Georgia may be most associated with peaches, California is the leading producer of peaches. In fact, two thirds of peaches come from California. Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Carolina are some of the other leading peach producing states.

Amita Vadlamudi