Apples make the best snack


Apples make one of the best carry-on snacks while outdoors, especially on hikes. They not only curb your hunger and boost your energy, they quench your thirst at the same time.

There are many varieties of apples in the market – red delicious, golden delicious, McIntosh, Fuji, granny smith, gala and many more. It does not matter what variety of apples you choose; it is just the matter of taste. All apples have just about the same nutritional value. An average apple has about 80 calories. It has good amount of fiber and vitamin C. It is good in antioxidants. Apples also have low glycemic index, which provides for constant and even supply of energy while helping avoid sudden blood sugar highs and lows.

Apples are easy to carry. Just wash and slice them and store them in a ziplock bag or a small tupperware container, which you can keep in a small cooler. You can also keep them in your backpack or even in your purse. They will stay fresh for many hours without spoiling. Sliced apples might turn a little brown, but this is not an indication of spoilage. They will taste good and stay fresh for hours.

About the Author: Amita Vadlamudi who has worked in the computer field for many years enjoys outdoors. She believes that good nutritional food is important for carrying on outdoor activities as well as for maintaining good health in general.

Amita Vadlamudi